Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wyclef Jean: Front & Center & Update From Rockin Skate

I live about a ten min walk from Blueland over in Castleberry Hill, so I am able to do this sort-of-live blog update from ASG Weekend. There was no way to do an update last night after the Wyclef show, it was WAY too late and we had to get up early for this mornings events, so here is an update for ya. I just got back from the Rockin' Skate (no, we didn't stay for the Jonas Brothers show...I know, I know we totally missed out on... ) Anyway, this is sort of a semi-live update from ASG Weekend 2008 starting last night from the Wyclef Jean show @ The Tarbernacle.

Last night's Wyclef Jean show was the most entertaining show I've ever been to. The Old 97's opened the show, and they were great. But Wyclef truly made the night. I'm no huge Wyclef fan by any means... but if he ever comes back to Atlanta, I'll be there without a doubt.

Even the old guys in suits and ties... the VIPs... the dads... even they were jumping for most of the night. Only Wyclef could really get a crowd going like only he did.

There was a bit of confusion at first when I arrived... there was a A-List VIP entrance and another VIP entrance for those that were VIP, but not A-list so to speak. Anyway I had no idea so I walked up and the dude scanned my ticket, and I didn't realize it was a "VIP" entrance, but he stopped me and asked for my wrist band... told him I was 27 LOL... well I wasn't allowed to go in, which was fine... he told me to just tell the ticket scanner guy that it had already been scanned. Crap, now when they scan my ticket when I go back in it won't work. Luckily the guy who was scanning tickets did really seem to give a shit and I told him what happened, so I got in without any issues.

We headed straight to the front of the pit... front and center. It took a bit for the crowd to fill in, but the house was packed before Wyclef came on. Usher came out and introduced him... I don't know Usher... I'm far from being that cool... but we did go to the same high school... he graduated before I was even there, but I guess it's kinda cool... North Sprrrrrrrrrrrrrings!

Wyclef put on a hell of a show. We were dancing all night. I got plenty of amazing pictures. I even ended up with the set list at the end of the night. A cool piece of memorabilia from ASG weekend.
The show was as high-energy as you could get. Wyclef went crowd surfing and went up to both upper levels of the Tabernacle... even walked across the edges of the upper decks. Insane. Akon made a guest appearance as well and threw a bunch of money into the crowd. It was only $1 bills, so it wasn't worth much of a fight. Sam, my girlfriend, ended up with a few of Akon's dolla dolla bills yall! LOL. I was tired as hell from working all day but the show honestly gave me a second wind. The show was brilliant as well. He basically took us on a "world tour" of music.

We woke up this morning, went over to CNN Center and got in line to grab one of the Hossa figures. After that we went in to Blueland for the Rockin' Skate. I did not realize that there would be 1000's of tweens there to see the Jonas Brothers. I don't even know who they are... but now, sadly, I do. They are one of those bubblegum Disney type bands. No thanks. We stayed for the Mascot hockey game... that was awesome. I don't care how old you are... that was like being a kid. Even the N.J. Devil came over to bother us. And that stupid bug from the Lightning LOL. Of course we were there for the Eastern and Western conference skates, but left before the concert started. We didn't feel like going deaf from 1000s of 12 and 13-year old girls. We looked around at the memorabilia and then came back and here we are taking a break. I am about to head back, but I wanted to leave you with a few of pictures - I'll have lots more tomorrow before the ASG itself.


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