Friday, January 25, 2008

The Westin Is Hockey Heaven!

Went over to the Westin today on my lunch break to pick up the free tickets they gave out to volunteers to the Wyclef Jean show on Friday night at the Tabernacle. Tickets are general admission, so gotta get there early for the best seats.

I walked in as to what looked like the end of an NHL Alumni meeting or conference. If I had only had my camera! DOH!!! The Westin is been transformed with ASG logos, banners and signs everywhere. NHL brass all around. It's too bad I had only a few minutes to spare. After getting my Wyclef tickets, I headed over to CNN Center and decided to take a detour and check out the ASG gear at TeamGear II. Some really sweet stuff, but the prices are even more expensive than the normal Thrashers retail prices... fair enough, it's the ASG, so it's warranted. I looked around. I have a feeling that after this weekend a lot of that stuff will be back down to normal prices. I'll grab a few things over the weekend, but you know that stuff will still be around after the ASG has left town.

After checking out the store, I walked around to the box office to pick up some Rock N Skate tickets. By that time my lunch hour was almost over... I had a good 10 min to eat! Ok, I ended up being a few min late back to work but no one knew. Heh.

And the Thrashers managed to end this part of the season on a high note... a much better effort than the last few nights... we didn't come out on top of the SO, and the SO is a whole nother topic that I will leave for later, but we earned a point tonight and we can build off of the effort against the Rangers.

But for now the focus of this blog will be this weekend - NHL All-Star Weekend. I'll do my best to let you know how the Wyclef show is and whatever else goes on tomorrow. I am going to wonder around the Westin and Team Gear II again tomorrow during lunch.

Not much else to report on. The only bad thing about this upcoming weekend is that it is all going to come and go so fast and Monday afternoon will be here way too soon. I wish there was a way to slow time down and enjoy this weekend for as long as possible. Even more reason to make the most of this weekend!

Until the next update...

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