Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long Time, No See ...But The All-Star Game is Here!

It's been way, way, waaaaaaaaay to long since I've updated my Thrashers blog. No, I haven't lost interest in the Thrashers or hockey.... no I haven't missed any games. Yes, I am frustrated with all that has been going on with the Thrashers. Too much drama in the ATL. I just want the team to be a success. There's the Hossa issue. The ownership court battle. Bernie "quit". The on-ice product has been horrible as of late. No head coach. Kovy got suspended. I could go on and on. But forget all that. This weekend is a once in a life time experience. When the 2000 MLB All-Star Game came to Atlanta at Turner Field, I didn't go. I regret not going to this very moment. I sure as hell am not going to miss out on the 2008 NHL All-Star Game.

You see, I got a new job. I've moved. Hence I've had next to no time to update this thing, much less have a moment to sit down and update my blog. However, with the ASG approaching, there's way too much going on not to blog away.

Sam and I signed up to be ASG volunteers at the very first pre-season game. So thankfully we were both chosen. However, I wasn't quite sure what to do - I knew I wanted to get a ticket and go, but I also wanted to volunteer. Well, I didn't get a ticket when they went on sale to STH. I waited. And waited. And waited. And I probably waited too late - however, I have a good, inside source who was able to get me a LOWER LEVEL (I know, don't hate me, K?) ASG ticket. Not the best lower level seat, but a lower level seat nonetheless. I checked the seat out at the last home game and it's not that bad at all. Anyway, Sam and I signed up to volunteer, as I was saying, however, with my new job, I really could not commit to that much, and now that I got a ticket, I could only do so much. However, I signed up to be in the driver pool and I'm glad I did. I will be driving one shift on Monday morning from 4 am - 11 am. The hours suck, but how often do you get to drive around new Dodge cars with NHL ASG wraps on them and bring players and other staff to the airport and get to talk hockey with them for a little bit? It will be surreal but I can't wait. I won't be getting much sleep this weekend... if any.

We scored some free tickets (they gave some out to volunteers) to the Wyclef Jean (too bad it wasn't Lil Jon... Okaaaaaaaaay!) show on Friday night. Monday morning we are getting up bright and early and walking over to CNN Center for the trade and memorabilia show (gotta score one of the Hossa figures before they are gone) and then head over to the Rock N Skate. Then at night, of course, is the skills comp and young star game. Sunday we'll prob hit up the memorabilia show again and then the ASG is Sunday night. I'll try to get a few minutes of sleep on Sunday after the game... and head back to the Westin to do my volunteer duty. It's going to be a hell of a long weekend with next to no sleep but that's OK... It's a once in a lifetime deal for most people and I want to take as much in as a I can.

Not to mention volunteers got some sweet free swag... and drivers are supposed to get an additional jacket of some sort as well... sweet!

I'll try to do a few more posts the next few days as things gear up and I'll try my best to do at least one blog update each day this weekend starting Friday.

One of the best perks about my new job is that I am two blocks from Blueland over on Walton street. It's a 5 min walk. And I now have a new loft in Castleberry Hill. It's less than a 10 min walk from my place to the Philips. Pretty sweet deal for a hockey fan... not to mention not having to deal with 85 or 285 rush hour traffic!

Anyway, I apologize for not keeping this thing up to date. I just hope the Thrashers can pull out a win or at this point, a point would be something positive... we need to get a W against the Rangers. We need to turn this ship around and no better time to start that then Thursday night against the Rangers.

Anyway, that's all for now. Can't make this thing too long.


Boss Hogg said...

Appreciate the update, where do you live in the CHill?

Erby said...

Bee Line Lofts