Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doing A Good Deed - Buying Hockey Tickets? Autsim Awarness Night

Yes, that's right. As I'm sure... or at least hope so... Thrashers fans know that our Team Captain Scott Mellanby is part of a group called Athletes Against Autism. Even though it doesn't seem to be marketed heavily or widely known, this Saturday night against the Flyers... again... is Autism Awareness Night. Proceeds from these tickets sold go go the Athletes Against Autism foundation and are available at a DISCOUNT. Keep in mind this game is nearing sell out capacity already, there will be standing room only, more than likely. However, the tickets ARE discounted and I'd like to do all I can to help the Thrashers promote this meaningful event. Even though I'm a season ticket holder, it's usually never too hard to find two seats next to each other, but at sellouts its impossible, and I didn't want to have to search for two seats, so I do have my single season ticket for sale if anyone is interested.

DISCOUNTED Tickets prices are:

$86 seats for $79
$55 seats for $48
$28 seats for $21

So you get a good deal and it goes to a good cause... not to mention the Thrashers are going to want revenge badly against the bottom-feeder Flyers... and of course it's also Kovy player statue night... so get there EARLY if you want one.

There aren't many tickets left, so get them while you can...

Thrashers Annual Autism Awareness Night brochure / order form (.PDF)
"Join the Thrashers for Autism Awareness Night on Feb. 3rd"

Note: In regards to my posting about Chief, I still plan to do so but I will hold off on that until this weekend; I want to do it right and have time to think it out... but I will post it this weekend.

January 31st, 2007

AJC.COM - "Limelight hides grinders' burises"
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Thrashers Thrashings - Seen under "News" on the Thrashers homepage!!

- Thrashers Thrashings was used on Thrashers home page under the "News" section as the second item. As you can see, the image used was none other than a tiny screen shot of Thrashers Thrashings! This is the actual image from the homepage itself.

SCREENSHOT - Thrashers Thrashings used on Thrashers homepage!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 31st, 2007

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AJC.COM - "Power play, Lehtonen down Devils"
AJC.COM - "Thrashers Horde Points by Beating Devils"
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SCREENSHOT - ESPN.COM - "Thrash Money"

Thrashers vs. Devils 1/30

I'll start off by saying I have a special affinity with the New Jersey Devils. I once "dated" a Jersey girl. She was and still is a huge Devils fan. Well, every time the Thrashers get a W against the Devils, I like to stick it in her face, usually by making sure she sees a picture of the final score. I try to make it subtle but I do it good fun. But it always feels a little bit extra special when the Thrashers win over the Devils. Tonight was no different. It was good to see Sutton back on the ice; our D looked a lot better. Kovy nearly had a hat trick but I'll take two goals from Kovy any night! These are also my favorite kind of Thrashers games - weekday games where the crowd is smaller and you can always find a pair of good seats to sneak into.

I still don't know how that puck went over the line in the SO past Brodeur. But I'll take it - whatever works! Despite my hatred of the Devils, I do respect and am a big fan of Brodeur, so a little piece of me always feels bad for him when something like that happens. Neither ESPN's or TSN's video highlights have the video of that part of the SO, so I'm hoping to see it in the Thrashers video highlights when they come online in the morning.

But tonight was good. I look back at the Flyers game and realized that had we beat them, and we should have, we would have been up TEN points tonight rather than 8. But somehow, some way Toronto... yes the Maple Leafs... beat up on Carolina 4-1. I don't know how nor do I care... I'm glad they lost and we won and were able to gain a bit more comfort room in the standings.

But the story of the night was having Sutton back. It was a big confidence booster for the team and I hope it just gets better.

On a side note, in regards to the Thrashers Blog Night, there is a posting on the Thrashers main homepage and a posting in Blueland Blog from both Ben the Web Guy and also from the Fan Correspondent, so we're all over the place. Since I'm in the photo, you can see me on both pages too. I feel special being on the Thrashers home page... it's an honor to say the least. I hope another Blog Night is already being planned!

Now you know putting Kovy in the SO wasn't the best idea. He never scores in the SO... granted he hasn't had a chance in the SO in quite a while so I don't blame Hartley for giving him the rare chance... but you just knew he wasn't going to score. But he is excused, so to speak, with his two goals tonight.

Tomorrow...well make that later today.... look for a post about Chief. Anybody who is a Thrashers fan should know Chief... yes, the same Chief that will be honored this year by the Braves for attending 755 games. He's just as loyal to the Thrashers. I'd like to honor Chief myself with a post about him. It's a rarity that we don't talk up some hockey and other sports before Thrashers games. I could go on and on about Chief, but he'll get his own write up sometime later today.

Lastly, and as a kick in the ass to the state of New Jersey, tonight during the Family Feud game with J-Bird, which was being done directly behind us, I yelled and yelled "the smell" as one of the things most popular about Jersey... and, yes, it was right up there in the top of the popular things about NJ. It was all too funny.... yet sad but true.

What's with this schedule...we don't see certain teams all year but we see the Islanders twice in a period of six days? Where's the guy that made the NHL schedule? He needs a good kick in the rear.

We are supposed to have tickets on the suites side of the arena for Thursday's game - it's been a long time since I've sat there... my dad, may he rest in peace, used to always get us tickets there, but that was years and years ago. We are supposedly sitting in row B and C...right near were Lil John and other celebs usually sit. I'm hoping that maybe the one time Lil John attends a game that it will be Thursday... I have no idea if he'll be there, but he'll be all too close to not try to say hello if he's there. I'll have my camera ready either way! BRING ON THE ISLANDERS!!!!..... again.....

January 30th, 2007

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SCREENSHOT: Thrashers Blog Night on Thrashers homepage:

SCREENSHOT: Thrashers Blog Night on Blueland Blog

SCREENSHOT: (NHL.COM) Frozen Moment from Thrashers vs. Flyers

Frozen Moment from NHL.COM

Monday, January 29, 2007

January 29th - Links

AJC.COM - "Bettman confident Thrashers are stable"
AJC.COM - "Special-teams woes pile up in tough loss"
AJC.COM - "Sutton's healthy, but is the power play?"
ESPN.COM - "All-Star Game draws measly 0.7 rating on Versus"
ESPN.COM - "Teams will be looking for defense, depth at center"
Thrashers vs. Flyers 1/28

Instead of just posting links, photos, and videos, since I am at every game and season ticket holder, and since this is a blog, I will try my best to now incorporate my original idea for this blog as well as continuing to post links, photos, and videos.

What an extremely frustrating game. Bettman in the house, on national TV, against a last place bottom feeder, in front of a sold out crowd, not to mention it was Thrash's birthday with a billion kids in the house. This certainly did not give these kids any good Thrashers memories other than the local area mascots on hand for entertainment. Heck, even the Gladiator's mascot Maximus came to give me a hug and watch my spin at the Spin N' Win. That was perhaps the most exciting moment of the game... or perhaps it was the sweet posters we were given by our "Hockey Mom" from several seasons ago.

Maybe the Flyers were bound to finally get a win... but not at the expense of the Thrashers, not at sold out "nationally" televised game! Say it isn't so! Perhaps their goalie was just having a good night... we did have a million opportunities and just could not convert on a damn thing. The Flyers were trying to GIVE us goals with as many penalties as they took, including one 5 on 3 situation, which is usually an automatic gimme goal... but no, the Thrashers couldn't come up with one even on a two man 'vatage. Talk about wanting to bang your head against the wall! To top it off, Carolina had lost and lost bad the previous night 7-3 and it was the PERFECT opportunity for the Thrashers to pick up another 2 points on the lead... against the last place Flyers...but no. And of course, when it comes to the Thrashers losing, it always seems to be heartbreakers. The last normal loss was that game against Montreal. But it seems like every loss comes at the last moments of the game... in a nail biter. The Flyers scored with little more than a minute left. Ouch! We hit the post, we had plenty of chances, but we don't crash the net. No one is there to bring it home. I knew who ever scored the next goal was going to win and I just had a bad feeling it wasn't going to be us... and man, I was right. But at least we didn't lose any ground.

It was cool to see the new All-Star logo and see Bettman in the house, but we embarrassed ourself in front of the Commish! Lose to a last place team in front of the NHL Commissioner, a billion little kids, a national TV audience, and against a last place team! Could you get any worse? It's Monday and it still stings. But I'll get over it.

Hopefully we'll get back to Ws this week... if nothing else, there is lots of hockey to look forward to this week... games Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at Blueland. And Saturday is the Kovy player statute giveaway, you better bet I'll be there extra early to get in line for them.

All for now.