Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Uh Oh

Ok it looks like the portspaces... it's weird... you can sign up for your own blog and such, but it posts entries to the Thrashers Blueland blog too.. so I deleted that.. and for now, I'll leave it alone... I thought it was like a seperate account... but it posts to a seperate blog... I don't think they'd appreciate that... I didn't know it would do that... so I don't want to have posts in the middle of Casino Night posts...why they are posting THERE is weird... Portspaces is new to me, so it may work differently... but apparently anyone can sign up and have their own blog there....

Port Spaces

I figure if the Thrashers have their blog their, why not Thrashers Thrashings? So I've signed up... I'm want to figure out if there's an easy way to import from Blogger to Port Spaces...but... so far I haven't found a good utility to do so. I could get one of those Blogger programs or Word add-ons, but I don't want to sit and copy and paste everything from one site to the next... hmmm...

Back From The Dead

Wow. I have to apologize. The last few weeks I haven't kept up with the blog. In all honesty, with the Thrashers poor performance over the last few weeks, I haven't had the urge to do so. But the blog is now back from the dead.... and so are the Thrashers! I've also had other things outside of the Thrashers keep me busy... yeah, I know, other stuff besides the Thrashers??!? What the hell is wrong with me? Anyway, I was checking Blueland Blog and saw the new, re-designed Blueland Blog, and it's gorgeous. So it gave me a boost of inspiration to get back into the business that is blogging the Thrashers. But the new Blueland Blog isn't the only thing that has given me inspiration. It has also been the acquisition of Belanger, KT, Zhitnik and that game against the Bruins has helped bring about a new sense of belief. This is essentially a new season... it might be a short season, but it's a new one.

As I said on the boards, with a new Blueland Blog hopefully comes a "new season" with new players... and with that every game is now a playoff game. Every game matters. Every shot, every block, every penalty, everything matters now. Moral victories are nice but worthless. This time of year, it's all about the Ws. Not to quote Metallica, but nothing else matters. But it's true. Moral victories are good at the start of the season... now the are essentially meaningless. Wins are all that matters.

And let's hope Tampa goes through the same downturn we did when we went on that west coast swing. Let's hope they get killed like we did.

The Thrashers looked like a new team against the Bruins. They were certainly not the same team that lost at home to Carolina 4-1. That was, by far, one of the worst games I've seen at Blueland... the worst losses, at least so far, have been the loss to Phoneix when we had a huge lead in the 3rd... and, of course, goes with out saying, those two home losses to the Flyers. But the only thing we can do, the only option there is, is to forget the past and consider this new homestand a new season. Problem is, the Thrashers haven't played so well at home lately. Why that is is beyond me. I hope this Friday, all that changes. It's been WAY too long since I've left Philips Arena happy... the last home win? I don't remember. But that doesn't matter. Friday night, the season starts over. Sure, we may not win ALL of the remaining games, but I'll be happy if we get at least a point in a tough game.

I want to welcome all the new guys on the Thrashers and hope they take us far, far into the playoffs. I want nothing more than to see a new banner in Philips Arena... but I'm hoping it's more than one. Not to jinx anything, but I already can not wait for that first home game of next season when those banners are raised.

Reality is you don't need my blog to find the stories on the Thrashers. Sure, I'll still post them, but I thing the point of a blog is to... well, blog... not just list articles. I'll continue to do that, but I'll start fresh after the game vs. the Senators. I have too much on my plate until then.

Also, we are going down to Florida and the end of next week... and as much as I'd love to have gone to away games, this will be my first Thrashers away game...ever. I know, that's sad, right? I live at Blueland, but I've never been to a game... even ones close to Atlanta. Ok, so I've driven by St. Pete Times Forum when I've visited Tampa before... but that was during the off-season... and, well, there's no secret I hate Tampa. I wanted to pull and Office Space and burn the place down, but I didn't feel like spending the rest of my life in jail and getting death threats from Tampa fans LOL. (I'm not being serious here!)

Anyway, I hope that in the future I'll be able to attend more away games... Florida, Tampa, Carolina... I have a friend in Boston, and of course NYC. But I'll start off with Florida and go from there. I've been to other ballparks, but never another hockey arena... and I love nothing more than experiencing other ballparks...

I'm anxious as can be to be back in Blueland on Friday night. Tonight is Casino Night. Oh how much I wish I could be there. My girlfriend is, well, younger than I am... and only a few months short of being able to get in... but next year we will be there! Besides, I suck at poker and I'd go home broke... and I need to save the money for our trip to Florida!!

Till Friday...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Live From CNN Center!

I'm currently at CNN Center. Just wanted to say hi from as close to Blueland as I could. I wrote an entire post, but my computer died. And I don't feel like retyping it all. Fuck.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Can We Weather The Storm?

The Thrashers have broken my heart of hockey love on Valentine’s Day.

I was hoping that when I got out of UGA Idol last night that I’d turn on XM and hear some good news… that was not to be. In all honesty, I am glad I didn’t have to hear those 3 goal sirens go off during the 1st period. We listened to the 2nd period on the way back to Atlanta. Thrashers get a goal and you pray, you hope they can turn it around and make a game of it… less than half a minute later, all the hope and glimmer is turned upside down and in your face with another Flames goal… right off the damn faceoff. THAT one hurt… Any possible potential we had after our goal was smacked right out of our hands with that 4th goal… Despite the loss, the 3rd period was decent… at least it was SOMETHING positive… we didn’t allow the Flames to score in the 3rd… We got back in time to watch the 3rd period on TV… praying for a miracle but knowing it more than likely was not to be. You hope, you pray, you think positive, but somewhere deep inside you just know it’s going to be another loss.

This makes next week’s games against the Canes and Tampa crucial, must win games. Whoever made this schedule must’ve known something we don’t… we play Tampa and Carolina at this point in the schedule when the standings are THIS close… we play the Canes 3 times within 12 days… if we don’t take 2 of 3 from them to give us a LITTLE more breathing room, then things will get ugly.

Let’s just hope this team can turn things around by March and keep it going… and turn red hot come April…

There’s just no excuse… I don’t know if it’s coaching, I don’t know if it’s the players, but something is missing. My girlfriend says there’s a glue that we just don’t have and I think she’s right. Do the player hate each other off the ice and don’t care about the game? Is BH not doing something right? Did the Thrashers catch Bravesitis? There is WAY too much talent on this team for these guys to be playing this bad… so something, whatever it may be, is missing. Whatever that missing piece is – it may be a trade we still need to make, it may be teamwork the team needs, it may be a slap in the face… I dunno…but they need something. This is not the right time of the season to be playing this bad. But I agree with what Web Guy says… if you had told me we’d be up by 3 points at this point in the season before the season started, that would be insane. But we WERE up by much more and have lost the nice lead we once had. I hope they start watching the scoreboard…and when they see Tampa or Carolina winning a game, they better start playing with more hockey love, more heart, more emotion…that’s what I want to see.

The Thrashers are going to have to weather one hell of a storm of Lightning and Hurricanes coming up… and I hate to say it but Thrashers don’t usually fly in Hurricanes or around Lightning… but I hope THESE Thrashers somehow, some way weather the upcoming storm.

The worst thing that we can do is not show up. No matter if we are in first or last, the team needs to see as many butts in the seats as possible… if they see a half-empty Philips Arena, it sends the message to them that hey, our fans know we are losing, why should we give a crap… if we show up and still show them some hockey love, that support will send them a message that we support them no matter what… and if you are true Thrashers fan, that’s what you do.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Flame On!

- Not much to say after the Oilers game. We started off well going up 1-0 but we crashed and burned soon after. I think Roloson was doing just that - rolling all over the ice. He dove more than an Olympic athlete in a high diving competition - it's too bad the judges didn't call him on his splashing around.

Of course any team can win on any given night, but I just don't have a positive feeling about the Flames game with with their home record... but with both teams on losing streaks, anything is possible.

I feel bad for Moose though. Sure, he made some mistakes, but he hasn't played since God knows when... he was rusty... he looked like he hadn't played in a while and it was evident... I think Moose should've started at the last Flyers game and I think that would've made the biggest difference.

Usually I don't miss a single Thrashers game... with the exception of if a game is at the same time as the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech football game... but tonight is another rare exception... I am driving from downtown Atlanta to Athens; my brother is a coordinator for UGA Idol, which happens to be tonight... the same night as American Idol... go figure. I do NOT watch American Idol except for the first few shows with all the horrible fuckups. The rest I could care less about.
I'll be hoping for a good result when I get back on the road to Atlanta.

TSN.CA had an interesting headline in their NHL section today called "Hosting Hossa"... even though the picture isn't Hossa... I mean if you have "HOSSA" in the title, you'd THINK that it would be a picture of Hossa... but nooooooo..

Let's just hope we can put out the Flames... both teams will be hungry for a win, so let's just hope we are hungrier than the Flames.... let's just not add fuel to their fire.

And yes, tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so don't expect any post-game comments tomorrow... I'll get back into the swing of posting and comments on Thursday...

Is it just me or has it already been WAY too long since the last Thrashers homegame in Blueland? TV does not help at all with hockey withdrawal.

Yes, we may have gotten killed by the Flyers...but hey... look at it on the bright side... at least we aren't the Red Wings who lost a lot worse than we did last night... 6-1. That my friends is a ass kicking... For the Flyers it's too little too late...

Let's just hope we can end this part of the road trip on a positive note...

I wonder if they do anything special at the Flames game tonight; seeing as how they were originally the Atlanta when Atlanta comes to town; I wonder if they have anything going on... To think that their alternate-captain logo is still the old-school Atlanta Flames "A"... just a bit funny to see when they are playing the current Atlanta team... It makes me think back to a few seasons ago when it was an old-school Atlanta night... the Thrashers played the Flames and then after the game Georgia played Georgia Tech on the ice...there were fights, blood, and plenty of yelling...and that was just the fans going at it during the game! One of my friend's brothers played for the it was awesome to watch them play...


Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 10th, 2007 - Video - Sutton Fucks up Tucker

I love how this video has NOTHING to do with the Thrashers yet it shows Sutton hitting the shit out of Tucker and they use music from ATL's own OutKast.

February 10th, 2007 - Links

TSN.CA - "Thrashers acquire Belanger and Hamel"

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AJC.COM - "Many happy returns with win in Denver"

AJC.COM (Thrashers Blog) - "Where's Waddell?"

Friday, February 09, 2007

It's All About the White Jersey...

- Thrashers vs. Avs (2/8/07)

Last night was a thing of beauty. Hoss 'da Boss returned to form, Kozlov lit the lamp, and even though our PK still greatly concerns me, we looked like the Thrashers team we are supposed to look like. Granted, more than likely the rest of the games on the road trip won't be as easy of a game as was against the Avs, but it's a great start. I just wish the game didn't start so damn late!

There are plenty of other Thrashers blogs that you can find more in-depth post game rants and raves and comments on. There are other blogs you can get more hockey stats than you ever wanted to know. I think of it this way... stats are great, but if it's a stat that even a player or coach would never need to know, the I see no reason to read pages of stats and charts... besides, I hate math and I'd rather stay away from numbers.

There are also way too many games to be going too into depth about each game. If you saw the game, there's no need for a novel-length re-write post game summary.

After the 2 back to back Avs goals last night, I started to worry again... great, here we go, gonna blow a huge 3rd period lead...but that game glock kept ticking down and somehow we managed to prevent another disaster... (last Flyers game anyone?)

But Hossa's EN goal... then, of course, you knew the game was in hand. This was the first game in a WHILE were it wasn't another nailbiter game tied towards the end of the 3rd period going into OT or SO... The Thrashers always seem to be involved tight games, ones that can take your emotions on a pucking rollercoaster! Last night, thankfully, even with the small scare at the end, that did not happen. Oh, I'm sure that rollercoaster will be ready to leave the platform yet again on this road trip, that is for sure.

But my theory is that it wasn't the fact the team is away from home without worries or distractions, nor is it the fact they act more as a team staying in the hotel together... it was all about the jersey... the white away jersey. We need to do whatever it takes... if we have to make Philips Arena look like an away team arena, then cover up the Thrashers and Hawks logos. Don't let the fans wear jerseys or Thrashers gear. Don't even sound the goal siren when we score. Petition the NHL to let the Thrashers wear their white away jerseys at home... we gotta do what we gotta do because there are a LOT of home games in March!
Keep the players in a hotel to make the atmoshphere seem as if they are not at home... let them go home when there are larger breaks inbetween games, such as the week of the 19th, when there are 3 days in between games. But if there is only one day in between, pretend the team is on the road and keep them at the Omni Hotel. This way we can also go hang out with the players when the come down to CNN Center to get something to eat! Or we can chill with them at Jocks N Jills... but I'm telling you it's all about the white jerseys. That's what it was!

Sunday I might be heading to Athens for some UGA baseball, so I may or may not have a post-game comment from Saturday's game. Since there are games both Saturday and Sunday, I'll probably end up doing a post after both of those games... a twofer.

Till next time....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ending On a High Note

- Thrashers vs. Sabres, 2/6/07

This is a fair warning: The comments you are about to read are raw and unedited for content. You have been warned.

First of all, this was nothing short of a playoff game... except it wasn't. This was one of the Thrashers best games of the season, despite the overtime loss. Even had we won in SO, both teams played so well tonight that neither really deserved to get a loss. But there are no more ties. I think the shootout, while highly entertaining, and while the Thrashers have had a 5-0 streak in shootouts, tonight it obviously didn't work out in our favor. But like I said, even had we won, it's not fair. To play 65 minutes and end up determining a win or loss on only a few shots on goal is great for the average fan, great for TV ratings, but not how I want to see a game end. I'd rather see another 15 minute OT period, then and only then if the game is still tied, then proceed to a shootout... making it a truly special thing. It's no way to lose a game... or win it.

Now, on to the refs. They were on their knees most of the night blowing calls left and right. You KNOW it's bad when on the post game show that is what half the show was about. I understand they want to let them play, especially these two teams, but there's no excuse for some of the calls that were not made. I'm not saying they were bias, but blind tonight. Sure, hockey fans will always hate on and complain about refs, but when the GAME ANNOUNCERS make a mention of how bad it was, that should give them a clue.

Yet again we had so many close chances to go up in the game and win in regulation, but so did the Sabres. I just wish we had played with even 3/4 of the heart we played with tonight when we played the Flyers and Islanders.... we may had had a closer game with the Islanders, but we would have easily beat the Flyers. That's what is so frustrating ... we play on par with the best team in the Eastern Conference, yet we can't beat bottom feeders like the Flyers... but nonetheless, we ended the homestand on a very positive note, there's not a thing the Thrashers should feel down about after tonight's game. I'm glad we got a point, I'm glad we ended on a very positive note, Kari played incredibly well and made some highlight reel saves.

But Sabres fans.... whoa. What a breed. They show about as much class as a snowy day in Georgia - None. (Get it, no class?). The prime example was the Sabres fan on the big screen who decided to flick everyone off on the screen. Now, I've seen kids and young teens do this before at games... but a grown man? The Sabres, their fans, and especially the fuck face who flicked off the screen got booed... I might expect that out of a kid, but not a grown up adult. He made ALL Sabres fans look bad tonight, he is a disgrace, and from what I observed tonight... this is not an opinion, this is a FACT: Sabres fans are no better than Mets fans. They win a game and act like they just won the Stanley Cup. When the Mets beat the Braves, they act like they just won the World Series. Most of what I observed tonight was incredibly unclassy, obnoxious, rude, and downright disgusting. I don't want to stereotype Sabres fans, and I've seen the Thrashers play pretty much every team in the NHL over the years ... I've never seen them as bad as Sabres fans.... but there is one thing they truly are, they are bandwagon. If they weren't leading their division and the conference, they would have never packed Philips Arena like they did tonight. Never in a million years. There's proof as well: If you every thought Thrashers fans were bad about yelling "shoot!" "shoot!" when it's the dumbest thing you can say, there were plenty of Sabres "fans" screaming "shoot!" "shoot!" when it was quite obviously the WRONG time... and they kept saying and and saying it. You'd think for a team that's been around a long time... you'd think their fans would know better. Now, there's a logical reason to determine that they are, in fact, a load of bandwagon fans: When the Chicago Cubs come to town, Turner Field turns into Wrigley Field South, no matter how the Cubs are doing - if they are playing well or having a crappy season, they still turn out in droves. However, we've played the Sabres in previous season when they WEREN'T that good; they never turned out in packs like they did tonight. Yes, Atlanta is a city full of transplants, but they all came out of the woodwork tonight... But I've met fans from so many NHL teams, and most of them have been nice, classy, and easy to talk to, but these guys.... are from another planet. You'd think that since many of them are transplants, while they've been in Atlanta, you'd THINK they'd learn at least a LITTLE good 'ole Southern Hospitality, but apparently not. C'mon now, a GROWN MAN giving the bird on the screen? What was he thinking? I'm just glad they are gone for now. They are no better than Mets fans, and well, we all know what Southerners think of Mets fans.

The Thrashers need to go in with the mindset that if we can play THAT well against the Sabres, we can play that well and beat any team at any time. I'd like to see Moose get a start or two on the road trip; Kari is going to need a break, especially with the odd start times that the Thrashers have not had to face yet this season.

Rewind a little bit, to before the game... I walked up to the ticket windows to get my girlfriend a ticket; I asked for $10 ticket, yet the man told me they were sold out... I'm sure there was ONE $10 ticket left... so I had to end up buying a student ticket, which is fine with me...but another $5 I hate to spend... Anyway, as I'm waling back down the sidewalk, 4 or 5 cops on bikes pull up and behind them are several black limos and SUVs. They all pulled up incredibly fast in a very TV or movie like way... there was a huge group of what looked like mostly girls waiting... I thought maybe it was a government official or famous athlete, possibly coming to see the game. Not even close. It was JOHN fucking TRAVOLTA and TIM ALLEN and others walking in to the CNN Center and very quickly into the CNN entrance. I didn't catch a but a very small glimpse of Tim Allen, but I did get a better glimpse of John Travolta. Now, I didn't have my camera with me to prove this, but the image I have in my mind is that he stopped to shake the person's had at the desk at the entrance to CNN. It was all too easy to see that it was in fact Travolta. So, after the crazniess, I went back to where School of Music at GSU where my girlfriend works to give her the ticket... I had left my camera in her car and she happened to have it with her, so I took the camera and snapped a photo of the limos, drivers, and bodyguards. Right after I took the photo, one of the guys was waving at me and yelling at me angerly to not take any photos... well, I left my camera in the car tonight, but I'll certainly post the picture the next chance I get. My girlfriend, her boss, and my mom were highly jealous, to say the least LOL. It was only a very short moment, but I mean, it was fucking John Travolta!

Here's an article from John Travolta, William H. Macy, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence were in town to promote their new film and motorcycle safety.

The refs were a ultra bad tonight, Sabres fans were assholes, but the Thrashers played an amazing game, picked up a point, and ended the homestand on a high note... Usually when we lose in SO, it's a downer, but tonight I didn't have most of the crappy feelings after the game; it was way too good of a game to feel like crap, win or lose... I wonder what the hell Kovlov was thinking in the SO, that was a weird move, but he and Hossa have been SO good lately, they were bound to eventually not get SO goals.

Well, that's it for now. Because many of the games on the road trip have odd start times, don't expect a post game blog; expect posts to be made the day after or even a day or two after the game; just have to see how it goes. I haven't posted any links to articles in the last few days, so I'll be sure to get back on track with that starting tomorrow...errr. well make that later today...

Don't despair just yet, Thrashers fans... the season isn't over yet... we seem to have a lot of fans that are hard on our team... I guess here in Atlanta we expect the very best... the Braves have only been making the playoffs since 1991.... except last season, but still... if we play like we did tonight, we have a great chance to not only make the playoffs, but go deep into the playoffs. It's not over till the fat lady sings... we just need to make the playoffs and that I am confident we can do. Stay positive as you can, I can understand the frustration and how hard it is to stay positive, especially when we failed against the Flyers twice... but even so, that's the magic of sports...the worst teams can beat the best, the best can beat the worst on any given night. That's how it goes.

Let's go Thrashers!!!!!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Philly's Bitch

I don't even know where to begin or what to say. The night started off so well... we were first in line at the doors. Now, to the right there are a set of doors that on rare occasions Philips Arena secuirty opens up for larger crowds... well, last night, they opened the doors, but it was only for a special group attending the game; they didn't put up the barriers like they normally do when the open the door for the general public. Well, they let the special group in, and behind them regular fans started lining up. The special group was allowed in, but fans that thought they were opening it for a line were sadly mistaken. They bitched, the complained, and it pissed me off because we'd been there for hours and hours waiting... but they made it clear that it was not a normal line. Oh, they were steaming mad, but the secuirty guys did the RIGHT THING and closed the entrance after the special group was let in. Those folks had to go all the way to the back of the line. I told the security guys later that it was great they did the RIGHT thing. Then, for some reason, they thought they could just cut in line in front over others by forming a line off to the side of ours...but the line went all the way back way the hell into CNN I'm not sure who those folks though they were, but that was incredibly ignorant and stupid. A few kids complained to the security guards, but there was nothing they could do. Nonetheless, Sam and I were first in as we seem to always be... we grabbed our Kovy statues, ran up to Spin N Win, and low and behold I won free Thrashers tickets. Anyway after Spin N Win, we went over to Headlines Grill. I had tickets in 305 row P, but this view was much better. We were lucky as hell to get a spot right up on the stools to watch the game. If you aren't in the arena first and basically haul ass there, you won't ever get a spot. Anyway, we had a great view from Headlines Grill. Some lawyers tried to ask us for our seats, but it was obvious to me they were not there as Thrashers fans or even to enjoy hockey... they were there to socialize and talk lawyer bullshit. There was no way we were moving.

Tied 1-1 after the first.... no big deal...
Leading 2-1 after the 2nd... things were looking good, we played well during the 2nd period...
The third period, however, was a totally different story. We imploded. We self-destructed. I have nothing nice to say about it. I am incredibly numb... I just sat there in a trance... I could not believe what was going on...The first place Thrashers losing to a team with HALF the amount of points we have is playing TWICE as good as we were, at least in the third period. The Thrashers are the Flyers bitch.... apparently everyone else in the NHL can beat them...except us. Losing to a last place team in front of a huge, sold out crowd on a Saturday night sure does not hold well with your casual fan; they sure aren't going to want to come back after seeing that.

And by the way, that goal that was reviewed for a long time... since we were behind the goal... from the looks of it, yes, it was played with a hick stick... it looked to me like there was no doubt it was above the cross bar of the goal...but they called it a goal.

The goal that the Thrashers had that was not counted because the net became dislodged.... that was some pure bullshit right there. It was a goal in every way... so the Thrashers did get fucked twice by some bad calls, but even that is no reason or excuse for us to play that way.

Now, if we come out Tuesday and somehow, someway get a W against the Sabres... then I'll feel a lot better. I have a feeling though that the game won't be heavily attended on a Tuesday night, especially after last night's horrible disaster.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Thrashers more than life itself... I know, I know its a sick obsession, but hey, it's better than crack... when you like something so much and they fail right in front of your eyes, it's hard to take. As much as I believe and want to believe and in my heart I still believe, and we're still in 1st, Tampa is slowly but surely crawling back up there... I want to believe, but after losing twice to the Flyers... at home... to a last place team... at least at the moment, it is hard to believe, as much as I want to... it just takes it out of you. If we get a W on Tuesday, that all might change, but at the moment I'm trying to pretend I was never there.

I do want to thank Philips Security, however, for doing the RIGHT thing and making those fans go back into their line. It's a big fuck you to the fans who've been waiting for hours and hours all afternoon and then open up another set of doors to let people who haven't been waiting NEARLY as long in the building and get in the front of a line. It's morally and ethically wrong; but they did the RIGHT thing and closed the doors backup. I told them thanks and I know they appreciated the thanks, especially with all the bullshit they probably put up with from those complaining about it. I don't know why people think they are better than everyone else or why they think they have some special privilege to just be let in when others ahead of them have been waiting much, much longer.

I'm glad we don't have to play the Flyers any more or deal with their obnoxious fans. There was a group in front of us in the seats with stickers called "Mens Night Out"... I'm guessing it was some sort of wedding party or something... but every time someone scored, they ALL got up, and were exchanging money in some sort of betting thing... but they would NOT sit down... but those of at the Headlines Grill bad wouldn't have, we told them to sit the fuck down and finally they did... but man, they were just to ignorant and worried about their stupid betting to sit down so others could see the game.

There should be mandatory class for those who've never or rarely been to an arena called area etiquette 101: When to sit, when to stand.

That's all for now. I'm to sick to my stomach after the game to rant and rave and single out players right now. I just want to pretend it never happened and hope for the best on Tuesday.

I'll get back to posting articles during the week; I'm in no mood at the moment...but I had to vent about the game. Let's just pretend it never happened.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Feburary 2nd, 2007

Thrashers vs. Islanders 1/1/07

I'm still numb from tonight's loss. Granted it was a much better game than the final score indicated, but man. Another Carolina loss, another chance to gain ground... gone. We tied the game 2-2 and then gave up the lead only moments later. Ouch. Kovy seemed to try to do too much.
But the night didn't star off well. My girlfriend's dad got 4 tickets to the club side of the arena tonight, 105 rows B and C. Talk about some nice seats. Well, they had four tickets and they were all there. I was thinking they could just bring a ticket out to me, but little to my knowledge, they mark the tickets and apparently stamp your hand. There's really no way around it. I didn't think it'd be that hard to sneak over there, but I was wrong. But I can't get mad a Philips for doing that; it's in their own best interest. But there's no denying that I was quite disappointed to say the least; I didn't get to spend time with my girlfriend and her family not to mention experience the finer side of Philips Arena. Oh well. I did however manage to (you never heard this from me) sneak down and sit with my friend Jordan about 3 rows up close to the right side of the Islanders bench... so I did get to sit in a nice location tonight, but I still felt left out... and it bummed me out the entire night.

I guess Dunham came into the game with one mindset: to beat his old team. And he did. I think had Hossa made that penalty shot the momentum of the game would have been totally different and probably gone our way. But that's hockey... it can be the worlds most frustrating game... and we had our chances, we just didn't capitalize. In the playoffs we simply cannot afford to play this way.

There's no doubt that Saturday night is a pretty much a must-win for the Thrashers. We have to beat the last place Flyers. If we don't... I'm not sure it can get worse than that.

We better turn things around Saturday night. Tuesday will be our biggest test this homestand against the Sabres. We'll see. But tonight the boys looked tired. And speaking of tired, so am I.

I gave my girlfriend my camera tonight to take pictures from her seats... here are a few good ones.