Monday, June 04, 2007

07-08 Suggestions

These are a few suggestions I have for the Thrashers for the upcoming 07-08 season... not so much related to players, but things you'd like to see at the arena. If you have your own suggestions, add them to the comments area. I'm interested to see what others have to say.

  • A season ticket holder / VIP entrance. The Florida Panthers have one... the PANTHERS we are talking about here. If THEY have one, the Thrashers certainly should have one. There are more than enough doors that are unused at Philips Arena to do so. As long as you have a season ticket in hand (and your STH ID) then they should let you in. Since you are there every night, and the most loyal of fans, don't you think you should be shown that every night? Waiting in smaller lines, if any, would be a very nice perk.

  • I know this is never going to happen, but allow food from CNN Center inside Philips Arena. Most people are going to avoid buying snacks and food inside the arena if they have time to eat it at CNN Center beforehand, so why not just let people bring it in? I know they are two separate entities, but it would be so nice. I don't see food and drink sells suffering much, if any, because there will always still be that crowd that arrives right before the game and doesn't have time to eat at CNN Center... so they'll still buy food. But for those that arrive early enough to grab something at CNN Center... let 'em bring it in. Seriously, it's not that big of a deal.

  • The Thrashers allow people to go down to to watch warmups, yet on a consistent basis you get kicked out of where you are standing because people want their seats that are there. Well, if this happens all the time, what's the point of letting people down there? I wish they'd make those with tickets down there understand that that are is PUBLIC during warm ups... you can just wait for your seats until we are done watching. People with tickets down there should know this and I wish they'd be nicer and cooler about people that stay there for warmups... it's not like you can't go find another couple of seats to sit in during warmups and then move after they are done... there's got to be a compromise, but kicking people out who were there FIRST watching warm ups isn't cool.

  • Better Spin-N-Win Giveaways. At least during the 05-06 season you had a chance to win an autographed item. Oh, I came within a hair of winning an autographed item many times, but I never was lucky enough to get one. The giveaways don't have to be any better, but I'd like to see the return of the autograph item slice on the prize wheel. Now that it's not there, I still like to spin, but I found myself not wanting to bother with it towards the end of the season... with no chance at winning a nicer prize, there seems to be little point in spinning.
    • I also wanted to see a STH-Only Spin-N-Win. Show your STH ID and you can spin. Since you are there every game, you deserve better prizes than someone who comes once or twice a season. It should be worth every penny to the Thrashers to treat STH with better giveaways... these small perks probably cost them little or nothing and would help keep STH happy.

  • Perhaps have something similar to the Blueland Block Party before certain games, such as games on holidays or weekends...

  • Bring back the home win Volvo 1 year lease giveaway. That was awesome. Never won, but entered every time.

  • I really hope they bring back Thrashers Blog Night. That was an amazing experience I really hope they do that again. It was something I'll never forget and I'm sure everyone else who particiapted too will never forget.
That's it for me right now. Take these with a grain of salt - they are simply suggestions. I've never had any real complaints with Philips Arena. It's just fine as it is... but there is room for improvement, as there is everywhere.

Holy Puck - An Update!

Well, obviously the Sabres weren't swept... but if there was any team I thought was going to make it all the way, it was them. Gotta tip your cap or foam puck head or whatever it may be to the Sabres on an amazing season with a helluva a team. One of my best memories was when we beat them that last time during the regular season 4-3 and the Sabre fans walked out of their in dead silence. I hope we have many more similar battles next season.

The Stanley Cup Finals have been exciting, and I've been pulling for the Ducks, one because I don't think Heatley deserves a Cup, much less to be even playing in the NHL after what he did. And also, well, I'd rather the American team win than a Canadian team.

Well, the first small indication that the 07-08 season isn't TOO far away is this coming weekend. A yes, it's Select-A-Seat where you come to pick out new seats for the next season. It's great because, well, it's been way too long since I've been inside Philips and just being able to go in there and be in my home away from home, even if it's a short time, is always good.

So you get some free snacks and drinks and pick out your seats... and they always have Thrashers stuff to give out... so I'm already anxious for this Sunday. It's always weird to me see Philips without ice on the floor.

I'm glad to see that the Blueland Blog continues to be updated with Thrashers-related news... I check it at least a few times a day. In fact, my boss just caught me reading it, but she knows that I do, and she didn't say anything, so I think I am ok. I know, I am evil... reading Blueland Blog when I should be working. But she's gone now so I am able to write this. I'm not really THAT evil. I mean, ok, I've done all the work I can do... and it's a few minutes till five... so...

I just hope we can keep KT. I think he made a great impact on this team and everyone on the team and I just hope DW and the Thrashers can find a way.

I'm counting down the days until the first homegame till we see that banner revealed. And hopefully we'll be able to add one or two more this season!!

Your anxious-for-Select-A-Seat-Should-Be-Working-