Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Season Ticket Rep:

I haven't done any blogging, well, because there's not too much to blog about. There's the Hossa rumors and then, of course, Sutton is gone, and well, that's a big cause for celebration if you ask me. I thought he was a good dman but he was way too inconsistent.

Anyway, the point of this post is to give props and kudos to my season ticket rep: Dustin Skidmore. Dustin has been my rep ever since I became a STH. Now, with season tickets, you can have an 8 month payment plan with no interest to make it easier for fans to afford... which is a very, VERY nice option and makes it easy to afford tickets.

Dustin has been VERY... EXTREMELY accommodating to me, allowing me to pay when I get paid, allowing me to make a payment when I can, even if it's not exactly according to the scheduled. For example, I gave Dustin a payment of $100 and told him the next time I get paid I'd send him $200. Well, he e-mailed me back asking if I wanted to go ahead and make a payment... well, I was helping my younger brother move to a new apartment in Athens and on my way back to Atlanta, about 1/2 down 316, my car decided to, what I thought at the time, throw a rod. It was making horrible, horrific sounds and I somehow, someway drove back to Atlanta in the right hand lane and made it to the shop. It cost me over $1600 to fix and, to say the least, that set me back quite a bit until my next paycheck... I told Dustin and he was more than willing to let me pay him a week later when I get my next paycheck... he has done this several times for me, making my life a lot easier. He didn't have to. He could have told me to pay or we'll have to hold your tickets or cancel my account, but no, he has been and continues to be very accommodating and I want to give him thanks for that.

Instead of seeing the short term, he sees the long term. This year I might not be able to afford the best tickets or I might have to pay him little by little when I can, but next season I might be able to afford much better seats and actually pay him on time... and the season after that, who knows, I might be able to move down to the lower level... so I think he knows I'll be a long-term customer... and he knows just how to keep me as one. He could demand payment and cancel my account and not keep me as a customer and a fan, but he "puts up" with me, for lack of a better term, and I truly appreciate that. He knows that we are both HUGE fans and I know that the last thing he or the Thrashers want to do is diminish that in any way.

So thanks, Dustin, for being a great rep and for being so accommodating and understanding.

In other news, I'm looking forward to seeing the new Taco Mac in Philips Arena.

It's now half way through August and camp starts in September, so not too much longer to go until hockey!!